Friday, November 21, 2014


This is a story about a timeline. It isn't completely accurate because I can't say for sure when the story began. I don't know how to answer the question, "When did you decide to adopt?" I don't remember a big, epiphanic moment. I think it was probably many different little moments that watered a seed that had always been there. What I do know is that on December 10, 2011, Warren and I vowed to serve the Lord in our marriage, so we'll start there. From there, it went something like this:

March 10, 2012—kNOw More Orphans Conference

July 9, 2012—Inquired about “Danila” on Reece’s Rainbow

August 10, 2012—Began home study for “Danila” 

August-December 2012—Completed paperwork; waited for one-year anniversary 

November 21, 2012—Family hosted a bake sale fundraiser

December 5, 2012—Hosted “Danila’s” seventh birthday fundraiser

December 11, 2012—Had first home study visit

December 27, 2012—Russia banned adoptions for American families

April 22, 2013—Saw a picture of Reni; decided to pursue Bulgarian adoption

May 6, 2013—Committed to adopt Reni

May 7, 2013—Applied for passports

May 9, 2013—Completed commitment papers to send to Bulgaria

June 13, 2013—Began fundraiser with Just Love Coffee

June 22, 2013—Hosted yard sale fundraiser

July 13, 2013—Boston Butt Fundraiser by Bevan Chapel Missionary Baptist Church

July 28, 2013—Benefit Singing by Bethlehem Baptist Church (became fully funded!)

September 28, 2013—Completed home study; mailed USCIS I800A

October 18, 2013—Fingerprinted for USCIS (walked in early!)

November 29, 2013—Received USCIS approval

January 20, 2014—Dossier in Bulgaria

February 27, 2014—Received verbal referral

March 12, 2014—Received official referral; travel dates

April 4, 2014—Flew out

April 5, 2014—Arrived in Sofia, Bulgaria

April 6, 2014—Traveled to Burgas, Bulgaria

April 7, 2014—Met Reni

April 7-11, 2014—Visited with Reni twice per day

April 13, 2014—Arrived home

April 15, 2014—Submitted I800

May 10, 2014—Received I-797

May 16, 2014—Article 5

June 2014—Received signature and submitted for court

July 18, 2014—Passed court

July 26, 2014—Received court decree

September 9, 2014—Flew out for pick up trip

September 10, 2014—Arrived in Sofia, Bulgaria

September 11, 2014—Travelled to Burgas, Bulgaria

September 12, 2014—Picked up Reni (!!!)

September 15, 2014—Submission for Reni’s passport

September 17, 2014— Completed medical exam for Reni; picked up passport

September 23, 2013—Completed Embassy interview; picked up medical

September 24, 2014—Received Reni’s Visa

September 25, 2014—Arrived Home